Barely Alive

Are you going to pout and drown? Give up on life? Lay down and feel sorry for yourself? Life is unfair and unkind and you will only find the ugly sides if that is all you choose to see. Or are you going to get up everyday and stop asking why me and start asking why not? You’ll never know the great things you can conceive if you give up before your time. Are you going to continue the cycle of broken dreams? The “let me wait and see” waiting for something to happen but never striving to be. Some of the worst tragedies in life are laced with silent screams. Moments of complacency. The feeling of just not seeming to care. The day after day you choose to let pass you by. Why I declare, are you dead or alive? For most we seem to survive somewhere in between. Not living up to true potential, a staple of fear. Frozen in time, petrified to become uncomfortable and rather live a lie. I will not create a path of broken dreams, of false hope and forgotten life. I will take that uncertain step into the unseen just to be anything, but barley alive.

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